Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have intentions to list my property on the MLS, or are you looking to buy it outright?

That’s an excellent question! Unlike real estate agents who list properties, we are dedicated professional home buyers with a focus on acquiring homes in Missouri that meet our specific criteria. We may choose to renovate and sell them to other homeowners or maintain them as rental properties.

How do you establish the pricing for the properties you acquire?

The properties we acquire are typically priced below the market value because our objective is to subsequently resell them at a profit to other homeowners. While we aim for a reasonable discount when purchasing a property, we’ve observed that many sellers appreciate the convenience of a swift cash transaction, without the complexities of financing, repairs, or agent fees, rather than expecting a substantial windfall. If you’re interested in a quick house sale and would like to explore the advantages of our approach, let’s consider the possibility of reaching a mutually beneficial price. It’s important to note that there’s no obligation to accept our offer, but having an understanding of our proposed terms can be valuable information for you!

What method do you use to determine the offer price for my property?

That’s a great question, and we’re committed to providing clear and straightforward answers. Our approach is uncomplicated. We conduct a comprehensive evaluation that takes into account factors such as the property’s location, required repairs, its present condition, and the selling prices of similar homes recently transacted in the vicinity. Given the notable decline in property values over the past five years, with some areas still in the process of rebounding, we thoughtfully analyze a range of information to arrive at a fair price that is mutually advantageous for both you and us.

Do I incur any fees or commissions when collaborating with you?

Our approach distinguishes us from the conventional house-selling process because there are absolutely ZERO fees or commissions involved when you decide to sell your house to us. Once we present you with an offer that aligns with your needs, we handle the entire process of purchasing your property (and occasionally even cover the closing costs!). There’s no stress, and no additional expenses. Our profit is derived from managing any required repairs and reselling the property at a gain. We shoulder the risks associated with selling the house, liberating you from the responsibilities and financial obligations tied to the property, often leaving you with cash in hand once the transaction is concluded.

How do you distinguish yourselves from a real estate agent?

Unlike real estate agents who list properties and wait for potential buyers (often taking 6-12 months to sell), charging a commission of 3-6% of the sale price, we are home buyers, not agents. Our company directly purchases houses and does not engage in listing properties. Since we use our own cash for purchases, we can make a buying decision within a couple of days, sometimes even the same day. We take on the risk of buying, repairing, and marketing the house ourselves to find a buyer, which sets us apart in this market.

Am I under any obligation when I provide my information?

You are under no obligation whatsoever. After you share some information about your property, we’ll assess the details and might arrange a conversation to gain further insights. Subsequently, we’ll offer you a fair all-cash deal, and the decision to sell your house is entirely yours. We won’t engage in any pressure tactics or unwanted communication; it’s entirely your decision, and we deeply respect your choice in determining what’s most suitable for you.

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    How It’s Works


    Simply respond to a few questions and take some photos – no need to worry about tidying up! Afterward, we’ll evaluate the details and determine your offer.

    Step 2: Get Your Offer

    Within just 24 hours, receive a fair cash offer. The choice is yours: You can either accept the offer, reject it, or choose to collaborate with a real estate agent. It’s entirely up to your preferences.

    Step 3: Get Paid

    After accepting the offer, select a closing date that suits your schedule. Sell quickly. Say goodbye to stress. Have cash in hand! It truly is that simple!